From the people who brought you 360 Vodka comes Wiser’s Whiskey!

J.P. Wiser’s legacy continues after generations of master blenders. A slow and lengthy copper pot distillation technique has been developed that captures the most desirable flavors and aromas to make a truly exceptional whisky. Only from a select blend of Canadian rye, rye malt, and barley malt can such a whisky of the highest quality be developed. Our master blender selected new white oak casks to mellow the perfect distillate under tightly controlled conditions. A carefully crafted process makes Wiser’s Legacy the ultimate achievement in traditional Canadian Whiskey distilling and is a brilliant addition to Canada’s Best Selling Whisky Family. J.P. Wiser always said, “Quality is something you just can’t rush.” Currently available: Wiser’s 18 Year Old, Wiser’s DeLuxe, and Wiser’s Legacy.

For more information, contact your McCormick Distilling distributor or [email protected]



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