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This handsome 8″x10″ Cocktailright® is an attractive certificate
with your Original Recipe and Creator’s name printed.
Signed, with a gold foiled seal by Raymond Foley, Publisher, ready to frame!

We will only issue ONE Cocktailright® per recipe.
Don’t give Up Your Rights, CocktailRight® It Now!
This certificate is available ONLY through BARTENDER Magazine.

Only $30.00 for your CocktailRight® Recipe.
This covers our cost of research, certificate, postage and handling.
We will only issue ONE CocktailRight® per recipe.  No copies will be issued.

CocktailRight Order Form
Your cocktail recipe's Name (unique) will appear on the CocktailRight Certificate
Please take your time and correctly type ingredients, measurements, and instructions to mix
This creator name will appear as submitted on the CocktailRight Certificate

Mailing Information

Who will we be sending the Cocktailright certificate to
Please note: We respect your privacy. No information will be given out or used with an outside party, or used for solicitations without your permission.

Please describe in more detail of how you heard about CocktailRight
PRICE: This for ONE certificate (we only issue one CocktailRight per recipe):
$30.00 for all orders sent to addresses within the United States.
$40.00 for all orders outside of the USA (includes Canada, So. America & Other Countries).


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