Bartenders Go for Gold!

This is how Bartenders go for gold! Here’s to the CROWNing achievements of our US athletes! #Rio2016 #CrownRoyal #Gold #Bartender IMG_9805


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  1. This is the Reason for the Season:
    #1 Cocktail named “GMBR Bush Pilots Shirley Temple” non alcoholic
    1 shot of Monster, 1 shot of Perrier, crushed ice, cranberries, lime, apple shreads, lemons, and lime sherbet scoop on top
    #2 Cocktail named “High Chair” alcoholic
    8 oz glass of milk, 1 shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream, crushed ice, whipped cream and marishino cherry
    #3 Cocktail named “Latrine” alcoholic
    Beer mug full of Chinese or Japanese liquor over ice, with a straw and garnished with raisins or cranberries
    #4 Cocktail named “Blind Bat” alcoholic (jewish drink)
    served in a small grocery cart, and in a Jewish newspaper Lays Ruffles chips inside waxed paper, 1 shot of Kirin Ichiban beer and a separate 1 shot of red wine and garnishes are fortune cookie and cherries
    GMBR Cocktail Bar and Guest Club
    GMBR Bush Pilots Chow Wagon
    GMBR Bush Pilots Taxi Rickshaw Taxi Ped
    Chef Karen Lynn Hall Cordon Bleu (France 1982)
    (213) 227-9111/9146/9177/9195 at GMBR Bush Pilots Search and Rescue Guest Club 2016
    email changed to [email protected]
    mobile phone is (310)403-2325
    Give us a call!
    Karen Hall
    1751 Cloverfield Blvd. cubicle #SH20
    Santa Monica, Ca. 90404 USA

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