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Written: Apr 27 ’11

Product Rating: Product Rating: 5.0
Pros: Helpful tips, great layout of supplies needed, and nice collection of recipes.

Cons: None

The Bottom Line: If you plan to get a job as a bartender, or build a home bar… this is a must!

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freebird91’s Full Review: Ray Foley – Bartending for Dummies
My best friend of 23 years, owns a bar in the town where i live at. She’s always telling me about the drinks her and the other bartenders make. I was curious, and decided to pick up this book. Being I’m just a beer drinker (once in a while a simple mixed drink), I figured this book would give me an idea of what’s out there.

Bartending For Dummies is the best book I ever purchased! It gives you the basics of what you’ll need to fix drinks, it shows you what each glass looks like, and what they called. Not sure what glass to use for what drink? No problem, each recipe has an indication of the glass next to it. It will also let you know if the drink is a cocktail or not. The recipes are in alphabetical order, so if you need to know something… just flip through the pages. I never knew some of the names of drinks I’ve seen poured, but I’m starting to learn a few of them.

The warnings, tips, and other notes are a plus. Especially if you’re like me and know little about mixing drinks. Ray Foley did an amazing job with this book, he’s also the author of “Running A Bar For Dummies”. My friends actually purchased this book, when they were looking into taking over the bar. I plan to purchase this one, next. Sadly, my best friend lost her husband back in January of this year (he was like a brother to me), and she’s left to run the place by herself. I’ve been reading up on this book more and more, to see if I have what it takes to help out.

If you plan to wok at a bar anytime soon, or thought about building a home bar, this book will get you started on the right foot. It gives you tips on what you’ll need to get your home bar set up, the tools and charts for measuring. I highly suggest purchasing o borrowing this from a friend who owns it. With over 300 pages, and plenty of recipes… you’ll have plenty to learn. There are several versions out there, the current one is the 4th Edition, it has an image of a couple Martini glasses on the cover.

I’ve found out that some of the recipes are named different, I’ve run acrossed a few that have alternative names mentioned. It gives you several versions of a drink, as well. I’ve seen my friend make a Chocolate Martini different than others, but that’s what makes a bar unique in my opinion. So this book could also be a great way to see what you can change up.

I give this book a rating of 5, it’s well put together and like i said earlier… has everything you need to get going.



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